Terms and Conditions of Network Membership

The advertising network is open to the following traffic sources:
  • - web/wap resources;
  • - doorway traffic;
  • - traffic from arbitrage networks;
  • - traffic from context advertising;
  • - traffic from mailing;
  • - social traffic;
  • - any other target traffic with a referrer;

If the source of traffic is a platform (website), it must comply with the following requirements.

The network does not accept:

  • - platforms with less than 2000 visitors per day;
  • - platforms advertising pornographic materials;
  • - platforms violating the law of the Russian Federation and CIS member states;
  • - platforms advocating violence, wars, terrorism;
  • - platforms installing malware or spyware;
  • - platforms using free hosting;
  • - platforms that are under development, uncompleted or lack a currently relevant content;

Strictly forbidden:

  • - traffic attracted by spam or any malware or spyware;
  • - traffic from CAP systems;
  • - traffic from systems that pay for orders;
  • - any kind of automated actions;
  • - hiding a referrer;
  • - automatic re-directing of users (without their knowledge);

If a breach of these requirements has been identified, the Partner`s account can be blocked without the payment of earned income. The Service may make exceptions at its own discretion.