Confidentiality Policy

This Confidentiality Policy for Provided Information (hereinafter the "Policy") has been approved by AdvertStar`s Administration (hereinafter the "Administration") having its website at (hereinafter the "Service" and "Website") and it applies to all the users of the Service (hereinafter the "Users").
The use of the Service means a User`s unconditional consent with this Policy and the terms and conditions of processing information submitted by him/her as stipulated herein; if a User disagrees with these terms and conditions, s/he shall not use the Service.

1. Types of information provided by the Users.

1.1. The Service receives the following information from the Users:
1.1.1. Data provided by a User upon registration as a customer at the Service`s Website;
1.1.2. Data automatically transferred upon viewing advertising units and visiting pages with an installed statistical script of the system ("pixel"):
- IP address
- information provided by cookies
- browser information (or information about other program accessing displayed advertising)
- access time
- the address of the page where an advertising unit is located
- referrer (previous page address)
1.2. In general, the Service Administrator shall not verify the accuracy of information provided by the Users in accordance with Section 1.1.1 herein, and shall not control their capacity to act. However, the Service Administrator assumes that a User provides an accurate and sufficient information on issues requested in the registration forms and keeps this information updated.
1.3. You may refuse the collection of personal information by changing the corresponding browser settings.

2. Purposes of collecting and processing user information

2.1. The Service collects and keeps only such information that is necessary to provide the Service to a User (perform agreements and contracts with the User).
2.2. The Service uses collected information for the following purposes:
2.2.1. User identification under agreements and contracts with the Service, providing personal services to the Users on the Service`s Website;
2.2.2. Displaying a more relevant and interesting advertising to a User, targeting advertising materials by geographical criteria, interests and other parameters.
2.3. A User may change (update, expand) information stipulated in Section 1.1.1 herein any time. For this purpose, a User shall authenticate itself on the Website and make necessary changes in My Account.
2.4. Information stipulated in Section 1.1.2 herein is completely anonymous and used only for improving the quality of the Service and for marketing purposes. A User may decline at any time the collection of such information by the Service, disabling cookies installation in the corresponding browser settings (it is possible that such changes will not allow the User to use all the opportunities offered by the Service`s Website). If a User has not disabled cookies, the Service will install cookies when the User accesses the Service`s Website.

3. The terms and conditions of processing and storage of information provided by a User, instances where such information can be disclosed to third persons.

3.1. The Service shall take all the reasonable technical and organisational steps to protect information provided by the Users from unauthorised or accidental access, destruction, change, blocking, copying, dissemination as well as other unlawful acts by third parties.
3.2. However, the Users understand and agree that the Service cannot guarantee the absolute protection of information provided by the Users and the absolute protection of communications between the Users and the Service. A User understands and agrees that information submitted by the User can be used by search services and other automated services and in other ways.
3.3. A User shall be independently responsible for keeping its login/password secret from third persons and for the timely change of the password and/or for contacting the Service`s support team if the password is lost or disclosed.
3.4. A User`s personal information is kept confidential except situations when the User has provided its information for public use to an unlimited number of persons. Processing the Users` personal data by the Administrator is governed by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "Upon Personal Data".
3.5. The Service has the right to disclose information provided by a User to third persons in the following cases:
3.5.1. The User has given his/her consent for such actions;
3.5.2. The disclosure is necessary for the use of the Service by the User or for providing services to the User;
3.5.3. The disclosure is set out in the Russian or other applicable legislation under the procedure provided for in law;
3.5.4. Such disclosure takes place in the course of selling or other transfer of a business (fully or in part), whereas all the obligations to comply with the terms and conditions of this Policy with regard to the information received by the transferee are transferred to the transferee;
3.5.5. In order to ensure that the rights and legal interests of the Service are protected.

4. Policy Amendment. Applicable Legislation.

4.1. The Service has the right to amend this Policy. The new revision of the Policy shall come into force in the moment of the publication thereof, unless otherwise provided for in the new revision of the Policy. The applicable revision is always available at
4.2. The law of the Russian Federation shall apply to this Policy and the relationships between a User and the Service arising from the Policy application.

5. Feedback.

5.1. All the proposals and questions regarding this Policy shall be addressed to the Service`s support team at