What is fraud?

Wiki: Fraud is a type of deception in the area of information technology, e.g. unauthorised actions with, and unlawful use of, resources and services in communication networks (translated from the Russian Wikipedia). For the purposes of our network, we consider as fraud completed actions violating the terms and conditions of a specific offer. Actions may be rejected due to this reason. In the case of rejection the webmaster's account is debited and the funds are returned to the advertiser's account. An action may be rejected if:

– motivated traffic is used (for the offer where such traffic is prohibited);

– a non-target advertisement is used;

– automated actions are performed;

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page linked to advertisements, banners, search engines, social networks, etc. Landing pages are optimised for special key queries and traffic from different sources is re-directed to these pages where a customer may be motivated to perform a target action such as registration, completing a certain level in a game or making a purchase in a store. If used properly, it helps to significantly increase the conversion rate.

To change landing, you need to do the following:

1. Go the Offer Catalogue, select an offer you are interested in and receive an individual link for the pre-created traffic source. The link has the following format: http://goto.astdn.com/094a15f3 (where 094a15f3 is the unique link identifier). This link will be used to keep statistics and re-direct users to the offer page.

2. There is the Promotional Materials tab on the same page. It contains banners and landings for the selected offer. Find the Landings tab to change the default landing.

3. In the Landings tab you may choose any available landing. 

Our system allows the use of own landing pages. To use your own landing please contact a representative of our company.

What is subID and why is it needed?

Sub-account (subID) is a marker placed on an individual link, banner or other type of advertising material. Using sub-accounts, you may easily identify traffic from different sources and advertising places even within the single page on a website. Every time you receive a link or code for placing advertising materials, you may specify the name of a sub-account that will be automatically added to the received code. Having placed the code with the earlier specified sub-account, you do not need to register or write it down anywhere or cite it for the technical support – it will automatically appear in statistics.

How can I add SubID to my link?​

1. Select the corresponding offer in the Offer Catalogue;

2. Receive a unique link in the format http://goto.astdn.ru/094a15f3;

3. Specify the required parameter in the My Offers tab (e.g. google_context1 and press Add Parameters);

4. Our link is changed to http://goto.astdn.ru/094a15f3?astsub=google_context1

What is “Traffic Back” needed for?

Traffic Back is a traffic that doesn’t meet requirements of an offer, but it can be re-directed to another offer of our system that has wider geographical audience.

Traffic Back is needed to avoid traffic loss monetizing it through different offers represented in our network.

How an agent account in VK can be connected?

Step 1: Specify your VK–ID​

Specify your ID in the profile in VK. Your profile must be 100% completed.

Step 2: Apply for the account activation.​

If the ID is specified and the profile is completed, go to Traffic Sources and create an application to connect the account. Important! Provide complete and accurate information, otherwise your application will be rejected.

Step 3: Wait until the application is approved.​

If your application is approved, a new source – VK Account – will appear in the list of your sources. This source must be selected upon the receipt of the link, if you want to attract traffic through your VK's Agent Account.

Step 4: Add credit to your account​

The account is connected – you may now add credit to the account. You may add credit in Finances -> Add credit to account Take note of bonuses – the more credit you add, the larger your bonus.

Step 5: Take a link for the offer.

Final step: the account is activated and credited, the source is added. Now it is possible to take links to the offer and direct traffic to them. For this purpose select VK Account as a source in the offer you are interested in.

What are business hours of your support team?

User support

If you have a personal manager in our company, you can ask all your questions to him/her.
All contacts is specified on the main page, right side in the block "your personal manager".
There is the ticket-system in our company, in which you can apply with any questions and get the answer operatively. If you need You can ask to provide personal manager for faster solution. 

We recieve the tickets in weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00 (Moscow UTC + 3).

If you can't use ticket system by any reasons you can send mail on support@advertstar.net . Or you can write on skype - dmitry.webleaders.

How much time does moderation of a platform take?

Moderation (check) of a platform takes place during business hours on Mon-Fri from 11:00–19:00 (Moscow time) during one day. Outside business hours moderation may take longer.

I have registered, but I cannot log in to my account.

After the registration you need to confirm your account through a link in your inbox. If you have not got a letter within 5 minutes, check the Spam folder. If you have not received an activation letter, you may request the new letter at: https://advertstar.net/en/users/confirmation/new

If you still cannot get the letter, you may contact the support team at support@advertstar.net.

Integration and possible difficulties (to advertisers)

Integration must be set up in order to launch any offer. The purpose of integration is to allow both the advertiser and the webmaster to monitor statistics in our system.

AdvertStar has 4 integration options:

1. Image pixel;

2. JavaScript pixel;

3. Server-to-server pixel/postback;


– Image and JavaScript pixels are less preferable because they produce the greatest statistical discrepancy (up to 20%). It results in lower conversion for webmasters, thus limiting their motivation to attract traffic to an offer with such integration.

– Server-to-server pixel/postback is an excellent option, considering the minimal discrepancy (about 2-5%) and protection from automated actions provided by a special security key.


It should be also noted that, for example, working with WOW goods on the basis of a confirmed order, an advertiser should keep records of orders in a special CRM database that enables uploading of data in XML format. In such case each new order is automatically added to the AdvertStar system (to hold). When an order has been confirmed or rejected in a call centre, its status is changed in our system (it is immediately removed from hold).

Why an application for co-operation may be rejected? (for advertisers)

After you have registered as an advertiser and completed an application on the AdvertStar website, you will either receive a rejection or be contacted by a manager. A rejection may be received if:

– Your proposed project is not currently relevant or interesting for webmasters;

– A similar offer already exists in the system and has been launched on more favourable conditions;

– Your work has not been sufficiently organised: low activity on the project, the product is too "raw", technical issues with the website;

– You do not have a programmer, because you will need help of such specialist not only for the placement of the offer, but in the course of further work too;

– Your budget for launching an advertising campaign is very small.

These are the main issues considered by a manager upon the confirmation or rejection of an application. If your application has not been immediately rejected, it means that some questions have emerged and you will be certainly contacted with these questions. It should be also noted that all the applications get into the database. Therefore, there is always a chance that you will be contacted by a manager even if your application has been already rejected. Such situation is also possible if, for example, webmasters' demand for similar offers increases significantly. Or you had a good project idea, but the advertiser had a lot of technical and organisational issues at that moment.

What do you pay for?

We pay for a completed action! It may be a registration for a game by a user, completing a certain level, the purchase of a product, the order of a service, etc.

Clicks and displays are not paid for!

Do you have a referral system in your network?

At this very moment the referal system is under construction

How often are the statistics updated?

Statistics are displayed in the real-time mode.

What is AdvertStar?

AdvertStar is a pay-for-action advertising network.

The payment procedure

Order of payment is managed automatically: 1st day of each month
Minimal payment sum: 30 000 RUR/ 500 dollar/ 500 euro
Date of transfer: the last day of each month

We can currently operate payments via following payment systems:
– Webmoney (WMR, WMZ, WME);
– ePayments.

All the payments are handled in the month following the month of work. For example, you were giving traffic in January, so the payment for this traffic will be handled in February

The payment is ordered automatically if your balance is not less than 30 000 RUR / 500 dollar / 500 euro*. 

After the payment order is done, it should be checked. The transfer is processed at the last day of each month in case none of the violation or reject was found**.

The partners, who provide traffic of high quality in great volumes, can be switched to VIP conditions of payment. It can be solved individually with the help of Traffic Manager. 

* The system separates RUR/USD/EUR balances. The minimal level is settled for each currency separately.  That means: if you have 25 000 RUR, 700 USD and 600 EUR on your balance, only 700 USD and 600 EUR will be ordered. To get the rest money, you need to collect the minimum sum for the procedure. You can optionally apply support or your personal Traffic Manager if you need to convert currency.
** In disputable situations: negative feedback from advertiser /traffic is suspected to be fraudulent / the conditions of offer are thought to be violated, the payment can be tied up till the end of the investigation.